Algo nesta chuva

de marcha constante e forte


e imparável

Produz em mim um efeito estranhamente proparoxítona.


É a vontade de falar aos cântaros


De chover aos pícaros

De parar a análise

jogar fora o Édipo

Não crer no átomo

Nem no declínio

Me assumir só mágica



Chamar toró de êxodo

Me esconder no México

Não ser parâmetro

Ser o ácaro


meu júri

a última

árabe e nipônica: húngara

me arreganhar sabática

no fôlego ter ápice no fôlego ser sólida no fôlego cantar barítona explícita vândala andrógina




naquele relâmpago.

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    Have you given any kind of coarodesntiin at all with translating your main webpage in to Spanish? I know a small number of translaters here that might help you do it for no cost if you wanna make contact with me.

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    Tip top stuff. I’ll expect more now.

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    ben bu illeti daha dün bıraktım bugun baya bı zorlanıyorum ama aÄŸzımdan düşürmuyorum sigarayı bıkere bıraktım ve geri baÅŸladım ama bu sefer kesınlıkle allahım guç verdıkçe asla baÅŸlamıcam arkadaÅŸlar unutmayın baÅŸlamak çok kolay ama bırakmak çok zor.bakalım nasıl zorlancam allah yardımcım olsun…

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    Die Larryteile sind eigentlich garnicht schlecht besonders Teil 6. Space Quest 6 ist auch nicht schlecht. Und natürlich Gabriel Knight 1 das beste Adventure von Sierra.

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    Hi, had je al gesms’t voor je verjaardag, maar nog een keer bij deze. Van harte!! Klein zakelijk vraagje, kan ik je 2 brieven doormailen naar je mailadres. Heeft te maken met de Fly emirates credits ivm activiteercodes voor je bonus. Laat het even weten. Xxx de Snoekies


    Genial, bastante indignante que este tipo de empresas se salgan con la suya, ¿quizás falla la comunicación entre las agencias de seguridad alimentaria y los consumidores?. Creo que este tipo de noticias son las que deberían darse incluso en espacios informativos, que lo de que hace calor ya nos lo tenemos bien aprendido.

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    The US population isn’t the world but is large and is a major content producer for Canadian’s idle surfing needs. I look at all the porn sites that shut down from US threat or legislation. That affected Canada. Now we have to outsource to Europeans, or so I’ve heard. If the US became non-neutral net, we’d be in the grey legal area of illicit programming like for unregulated satellite dishes. Canadians could hack top tier content and set up alternate underground feeder networks back into the US. This could be a money maker for Canada.

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    i giggled when i read the title! i am certainly going to be out in five years which seems like the average to those i know. i dont have an answer but i love president holland. he is an inspiration to us all. i hope to help the numbers by walking the stage. i know we are a strong school. i am a senior so unless i mess something up i’ll be looking for a photojournalism job hopefully close to my wife and i here in utah.

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    about honoring our things!! (whoops almost said honoring our thongs!). It’s so true…if its stuffed away somewhere with the hopes of one day making it out to the big time, it’s not honorin where or who it came from. Thanks Mia!

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    dit :Bravo et merci à toi Electro pour ce concours dans lequel j’ai tout aimé et surtout les règles du vote.Bravo aux gagnants!Bon, maintenant j’ai plein de blogs suplémentaires à lire chaque matin…. C’est malin! Merci Electro…

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    This was probably the first thing that caught my eye on your website! They look absolutely beautiful. And the fact that it's made using spelt flour makes it feel healthier and less fattening than the normal croissants (to me anyway haha). I bet they taste amazing!

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    As a librarian you will have come across countless books where the author is unknown. This can be for political reasons – the people in power don’t like your gender, your sexuality, your religion or your views or it can just be for privacy. This doesn’t mean that what they write lacks veracity. It means the reader has to judge the information by what is written not by the standing of the author. As a librarian this ought to be a snap.

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    As a member of the “I’m turning 40 in June”, I love your #1. I am finally at a stage where frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. This is who I am, I’m surrounded by people I love, and their opinion is the only one I care about.Love your post and your writing as usual!

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    Great site here. Lots of blogs like yours cover subjects that just aren’t covered by magazines. I don’t know how we got on 15 years ago with just magazines and newspapers.

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    Du skal helt klart beholde det blonde. :)Nu har jeg ogsÃ¥ kun fulgt dig, da du har haft det lyse, men synes helt klart det passer til den personlighed og stil, jeg synes, skinner igennem i din blog. Lyst og energisk, frem for det brune, som jeg synes ser mere ‘krukket’ og falskt ud. 🙂

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    I have to admit they haven’t stored well this year, we had a lot that got chucked to the chickens because they had rotted. I do eat them shells and all and very delicious they are too.

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    Mustafa altun diyor ki:bende doğal görünümüm çok önemli olduğunu Diye düşünüyorum, yoksa sac ekmini yapan bir sürü merkez var ama vahim sonuclarına şahitlik etmiş biri olarak sizden randevu almak istiyorum.tesekkurler.

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    “It’s a chilling effect for Muslims on campus and their right to associate.” . But islamists/mohammedans don't allow the right to associate with others if they disagree with them.The more militant they are the more aggressive they become the more aggressiveWE must become.

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    Aunque amo a Robert pattinson :wub: espero que vocalmente ofrezca más de lo que ya ofrecido, si no es así que se quede de actor y compositor, porque no??? Aunque tal vez la tecnologia le ayude mucho a la hora de cantar y en serio amo a Robert Pattinson pero también hay que ser realista. :angel: :tongue:

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    Beautiful card and I love the picture of your cat too! I have this problem with my rabbit every time I go into the garden to take a picture he following me around and trys to go my attention tehehheee…… Thanks for joining in with us on the Top Tip Tuesday challenge this time hugs Samantha :0)

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    Netherlands Plunges in Ranking Order for Press FreedomHow many of the countries ranked above the Netherlands (apparently *all* European – what about the US or Korea or Japan?) – are ones that Bruce Bawer or Fjordman have previously referred to as “anything but free” – who merely parrot the party line, etc.

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    OI MonicaNossa, fiquei muito emocionada mesmo com a perda da Luana. Até parece que a filhota era minha. Desde que sou mãe de um cachorro, o Charlie, só de pensar em perdê-lo já me dá um desespero. Desde que descobri que Luana estava doente, em um dos seus posts, torci muito mesmo para que ela ficasse boa. É uma pena, e imagino o tamanho de sua dor, pois sei que o amor de um cachorro é um dos mais verdadeiros. Espero que Deus lhe dê força para vc se confortar.Um beijo e um abraço bem apertadoDelma

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    Hello! I just recently found your blog through Dandelion and am just loving your wonderful photos (though I haven’t made much of a dent yet!) The photos on this post are especially magical! I’ve enjoying this glimpse into your life that your blog provides… the north of Scotland sounds enchanted and exotic! (We really enjoyed our one visit to Scotland in 1998, though we never made it further north than Inverness).Happy Autumn to you!

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    Jo,visst. Håller med att många av Svenska kyrkans höjdare verkar vara helt ointresserade av sanningsfrågan. Men Sturmark och Dawkins m fl diskuterar ju så ohederligt. Först gör man en vrångbild av sin motståndare och sedan attackerar man den vrångbilden som man själv skapat. I en ärlig argumentation så ger man först en bild av motståndaren som han kan hålla med om, sedan kan man attackera bäst man vill!

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    I want to volunteer and help the world with what I have and know, one of the projects that I am interested in is the ONE FOR ONE MOVEMENT BY TOMS. Lett me know if i can be a volunteer with anything.

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    Porque nadie está obligado a declarar en su contra.Otrosí, típica respuesta de zurdito capitalista que no entiende ni jota: "El que volvió de Madrid no era Perón". Justo el que vino como león hervíboro a buscar la reconciliación, el de "para un argentino no hay nada mejor que otro argentino"; ese no era Perón desde la óptica del progre medio.

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    You can go too far in either direction: either denying the biblical worldview that clearly indicates we are in the context of spiritual confrontation, or “to see a demon behind every bush.”

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    Aber mit ein bißchen Pech würde einer Divison Bell Immersion ein remasterte Version von PULSE sowie ein aufblasbarer, weißer High Hopes Luftballon beiliegen.Aber ich will nicht den Teufel an die Wand malen Gruß Henning

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    Tu vas vivre un enfer Diana, t’es sûre que tu arriveras à tenir un an a espérer la victoire de ton joueur pas préféré? Et s’il affronte Fed et que ce match décide du vainqueur de l’Odyssée, qui prendra le dessus, la Diana FFF ou la Diana ambitieuse?Il n’est pas encore trop tard pour une modif de team.

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    I made this last night and my kitchen smelled heavenly! I took it to our staff meeting this morning and it got gobbled up. I had to print the recipe out for others as well. Thank you for this wonderful recipe! I had to leave it in my oven 10 or 15 minutes longer than the time given to get a toothpick to come out clean; that's the only thing I did differently.

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    Beautiful! I have just discovered Malabrigo Chunky, and will be trying out their gorgeous sock yarn next. I’ve been eyeing Madeleine Tosh for a while … maybe next year!

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    keep more vids … keep more vids coming. I love those who take REAL freedom ( to use my adult common sense ) as serious as I Was this answer helpful?

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    Vestre Landsret har netop frikendt Jyllandsposten og dens redaktører for at publicering af Muhammed-tegningerne skulle være æreskrænkende. Nyhedsvisen: Det er meget trist, at landsretten mener, at det er okay at krænke andres ære og nedgøre minoriteter. V

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    Jeg synes ogsÃ¥, at den slags kunstneriske talenter, som din husbond har, virker dragende! Det er synd, at han har lagt dem pÃ¥ hylden – men nu har han jo erobret sin ægteviv, og sÃ¥ er det mÃ¥ske ikke nødvendigt længere …Jeg har en mand, der er dygtig til ord – det har jeg selv meget glæde af.

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    no that's not the way we do things here.Orly then got a five minute lecture maybe longer from the judge about complying with rules said she was now subject to the disciplinary actions of the Indiana Supreme Court she also admonished Black that he was responsible for her. At that point Black made an excuse that he had another matter to attend to and he made a hasty escape the court room"WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ANKENY SLAPDOWN THAT WAS PROMISED!!!

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